Interesting Story Of Saddle Restore Before And After By Hill Saddlery

Connie Comb Saddle Restore

Yes we do use the saddlery repair parts that we sell on our website.

Interesting Story of the Connie Combs barrel saddle that we restored for Miss Rose a customer of ours.
Rose came to us with this saddle because Brooke Her Horse took off before the saddle was not all the way cinched up.
Believe it or not this saddle sat in a field in New York State for one year before it was found. When Rose found her saddle she noticed that the horse had stepped on the saddle and broke one of the fenders in half amongst other things.

hill saddlery repairWhat We Did:
First we took all the screws and conchos out. Then we cleaned saddle With Saddle soap and Hot water, After cleaning we applied Sheps Neatsfoot Oil, Then let dry.

Secondly We applied a coat of Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner With Beeswax, Then buffed with a soft cloth.

Thirdly We installed rough out saddle fenders and new rawhide stirrups.

Finally We replaced the 1-1/2″ leather conchos , 1-1/4″ leather conchos, installed #10 stainless steel saddlery screws , installed new Black Nylon Saddle Straps and also installed a horn cap to match.

Thanks again for a fantastic repair of my old saddle. I love it as it is quite a bit lighter than the one I was using and is so much easier to lift. It is still very comfortable for me and my Brooke. 
By Happy Customer Rose, February 2019
Special Thanks to Rose for letting us Use her Photo Of Brooke !

Booke The Horse Saddle Restore For Customer By Hill Saddlery

Brooke With The Restored Saddle