Advantages of Quality Used Western Saddles

Used Might Be the Answer

For the past 4 to 5 years we have seen new name brand USA saddle price falling to unheard of lows. Why is this you ask? Well it’s very simple foreign competition of mass produce imported saddles. Unfortunately some of the USA saddle companies are out sourcing their saddle manufacturing to foreign plants, the problem with this is quality. one Example the fiberglass hollow tree greatly reduces cost which is great you would think, but the truth is hollow fiberglass trees brake and are borderline unsafe. Simply put we have seen a rise of saddles in our shop that can not be repaired and all have broken hollow fiberglass tree.  FYI Hill saddlery no longer sells new saddles unless they are made by smaller USA based saddle smith shops.
Looking at Used Western Saddles “IT” is a great alternative to new.
This is especially true if you’re budget is at the lower end. We believe strongly that it’s better to buy a top quality used saddle rather than a medium quality new saddle, even if the price for the used saddle is HIGHER. The used high quality saddle is simply a better value. It will be a safer saddle and a better ride, and it will hold its value better for resale.
This is very important when purchasing used work, ranch roper saddles. New good quality work or ropers saddles can run from $1500.00 to $6000.00

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of new and used saddles:

Advantages of Buying Used
You’ll get a lot more for your money. We know many a rider who has snagged a great deal on a used high-end factory or custom saddle that they never would have been able to afford new. Wouldn’t you love to be able to ride in a McCall or a Mecum or a Capriola?
It’s a great way to try out different saddles. Many folks buy and sell used saddles regularly, keeping the ones that work out, selling the ones that don’t or that they no longer use.
If the saddle’s a winner, it can last a long time. Quality saddles can easily last 50 years and the market for older saddles proves it. Older models from brands such as Simco, Tex Tan, Circle Y, Billy Cook, Crate and Customs made by master saddle smiths like Will James and many others These saddles are valued more highly today than their new models.

Disadvantages of Buying Used
The saddle will have some wear and scuffs and nicks.
You’ll need to be more careful when inspecting the saddle’s condition prior to purchasing, especially the tree.
The saddle probably won’t be exactly as you would have ordered it.

Advantages of Buying New
You’ll be able to get exactly the saddle you want, (although it will probably require a special order.)
Your new saddle will probably come with a warranty.
It will never have been shaped to fit another person or horse.

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