History of Billy Cook Saddlery

History of Billy Cook Saddlery

Rest In Peace My Friend

“RIP Billy Cook”, a world renowned harness and saddle maker of Greenville, Texas. Billy Cook Passed Away early Tuesday, Oct.1.2019 He was 89.

The long history of Billy Cook saddles is unparalleled , Billy Cook saddles have been proven to be Long Lasting and durable thru the years.

The big debate: Greenville , Texas or Sulphur, Oklahoma  Question: Which is the ” Real ” Billy Cook Saddle  Answer: Both

Billy Cook sold his name and saddle designs to Simco Longhorn in the early 80’s .He did not sell them the rights to the word “Maker”. After he was released from jail he started making saddles again under his name . They are the Original Billy Cook Maker saddles made in Sulphur OK. Longhorn still makes their own brand of Billy Cook saddles. They are Billy Cook Saddlery by Longhorn and made in Greenville TX. More info to come at later date.