A Look Into The Incredibly Versatile Chicago Screw!

When tasked with finding applications for the amazingly useful Chicago Screw, I found mostly blogs, instructions, tutorials for their usefulness on belts. Read More.  All about belts. Let me tell you these fasteners are worth their weight in gold. I feel like they need someone like me to give them justice for how versatile these screws are.


Let’s first take a look at their parent page. See Wikipedia. Sex Bolt, Barrel Bolt, Chicago Screw, all of these are alternative names for these amazing little fasteners. Chicago screws are a mating fastener combining a fastener (nut) with a fastener (screw). The sex bolt consists of a female (internally) threaded barrel (nut) and a male (externally) threaded screw. Both the barrel and screw have heads designed to clamp (bind) material between the head of the barrel and the head of the screw, or to bridge the gap between two parts. I agree that sounds super boring, however if you continue reading I assure you, I’ll open your eyes into the many uses these fasteners have.

One of the first uses that comes to mind, is one of the ways I use them daily; here at Hill Leather Company, are in the Concho’s I often use to dress up and fix customer’s horse saddles and tack. See Concho Here.  Then again I guess you could decorate a belt with them also! All about belts!

Other ways these handy little guys are useful is in a way many people wouldn’t even think about. They are used in common everyday products such as fitness apparatus, solar panels, playground equipment, railing systems, furniture, athletic helmets, knives, store fixtures, signs, panic bars, book binding, saddles, tack, and many other products. The possibilities are endless. Check out our selection here. Now perhaps you have a bit more insight on just how incredibly versatile these fasteners truly are!




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