History of Monte Foreman Balance Ride Saddles

Monte Foreman

The Balance Ride Design came about in 1954 The design was started in the John Fallis Saddle Shop (with Monte Foreman) but several saddle makers and saddle companies produced them under the Monte Foreman Balance Ride Design for several years, including Colorado Saddlery. I called Colorado Saddlery Because we came across a Foreman 57 with Colorado Saddlery makers mark. I asked them about their affiliation with Monte Foreman. Response below

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Colorado Saddlery Response:
Monte foreman teamed up with Colorado Saddlery and Monte sold the saddle himself as a private Label.
The Balance Ride Design became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s.
Many People Still Use Them Today.

Features and How It Works:
Rigging Design: Balanced Saddle’s rigging design reduces the bulk under the riders legs, permitting more leg contact and promoting more control.
Seat Design: Seat design is nearly flat to place the rider into the groove and on the horse’s true center of gravity
Forward Hung Stirrups: Stirrups are designed to hang farther forward than conventional stirrups. This increases the riders stability and balance.
Saddle Fork: The fork is not so wide that the rider cannot grip the horse, nor so narrow the rider cannot stabilize their self comfortably.

How To Identify a balance Ride:.
The main thing is these saddles have a swivel, two piece stirrup leather. When pulled tight this bracket prevents the leather from coming out of the tree and is what is used to adjust the stirrup length along with the leather coming from the swivel. Note the rear flank strap slots are angled. View here
The main thing that these saddles do that most will not is they have a great amount of stirrup movement.
You can touch the neck all the way back to the tail on a horse with your boot and never take it from the stirrup.

There is alot of info on what users like or dis like about Balance Ride Design saddle. A simple search will tell all..
What I have Found Is Users today love them for trail riding.
The balance Ride design is still being produced by John M. Fallis Custom Saddlery for more info visit their website www.fallisbalancedsaddles.com