Are you comfortable shopping online?

What separates Amazon from other ecommerce platforms?

Out of all my followers, customers out there; what sets amazon apart from us? This question has plagued me for quite some time now. The obvious answers, are, amazon has far more marketing capability, they offer a much larger selection, however what really separates them? I mean you are still are buying a product you can’t see or touch until you physically have it. Let me ask you this; is it the trust factor because amazon is so large? Perhaps their name is more popular? I ask these questions because anytime you shop online their is a footprint you leave behind. We here at Hill Saddlery, utilize the strongest encryptions, as well as security measures to keep your information safe, secure, and hidden from outside sources.

Why make such bold claims!

Let me explain why we can make such extreme claims of security. Our parent company PDI1 & Company LLC, has a dedicated staff that not only keeps our websites safe, many other clients with ecommerce sites rely on us to ensure a stable, secure web environment. That is vital to our success, and enables us to make those bold statements that we are as secure if not more than giant’s like amazon. I am confident whether shopping online or looking to build your own online shop, you should look no further than PDI1.

Safely Shopping Online!

How to safely shop online, is a question we all should ask ourselves. Be honest; how many of you have actually looked it up? I’m sure; not many have. My advice is this, do some research on who your giving your information to. Make sure you trust them, perhaps, make a call to their contact number. ( Even if it’s just to ensure it’s real) There are so many scammers, and schemers out their that just want your address, phone, email, etc… They don’t even necessarily want your financial information. They take the basic information and sell it to large companies for really good money. It’s actually called lead marketing. Similarly amazon itself tracks your online footsteps, recent searches, etc.. We here at Hill Saddlery, never give up anyone’s personal information, nor do we trace or track your online activities. When you shop with us, our goals are very simple, keep your information safe, provide amazing customer service, and last but not least offer exceptional products at affordable prices.

Our Services!

Peace of mind. That is what you should feel, when purchasing from us online, or using our services. That is our goal, we want 100% consumer/client confidence in everything we provide. As I’ve previously stated; it’s a dog eat dog world online, and most people are milk bone biscuits. With our system and our support, we make your information nearly impossible to be consumed by the predators out there. Buy with confidence from a leader in the ecommerce industry! Rely on us with confidence from a leader in the cyber security industry! Bottom line, keep your peace of mind with our family owned USA based businesses!

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