Best offer terms and conditions

Best offer terms and conditions
Best offer user agreement
1. You(User) Agree to provide correct and true contact information.
2. You(User) Must Pay For Any Accepted Best Offers with in 24 hours of acceptance.
3. You(User) acknowledge there are no returns on best offer purchases.
4. You(user) acknowledge by entering your information in to the best offer and submitting you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed.

Hill Saddlery:
1. All submitted best offers are subject for review By hill saddlery
2. Hill saddlery reserves the right to decline or accept any best offer submitted
3. If Hill Saddlery accepts best offer hill saddlery is agreeing to sell said item for agreed price
4. Hill Saddlery reserves the right to change said terms and condition at any time.
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