5″ Stainless Steel Twisted Wire Dog Bone Rope Nose Combo Hackamore/Gag Bit


  • 5″ dog bone blued steel twisted mouth
  • The shanks are 7 1/4″ side cheeks Stainless steel
  • Rope nose combo hackamore/gag Bit
  • Hill Leather Company

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This is for a new 5″ stainless steel blued steel twisted wire dog bone with Rope nose combo hackamore/gag Bit. It features 7 1/4″
shank side cheeks and 5″ dog bone blued steel twisted mouth. The rope nose helps raise & lift a horses head while the twisted wire
mouth adds a little control & flex to help in turns. This also works great on breaking colts and older horses with soft mouths. The bit cheeks are stainless steel and has the rings on top to hook your bridle onto. By Hill Leather Company.

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